Zeal ltd training

List of boarding airlines for our company representatives attending our training from different countries around the world, holding at in London UK starting from 4th to 13th April 2024.
Brazil: British airways
Russia: Pegasus airline
German: British airways
Indian: Virgin Atlantic
Japan: Japan airline
Indonesia: Qatar airways
Turkey: Turkish airline
America: American airlines
Maldova: wizz air UK
South Africa: South African Airways
Singapore: Singapore airlines
Ecuador: Latam airlines
Belarus: Turkish airlinesl
Egypt: Ethiopian airlines
Norway: Qatar airways
Oman: Qatar airways
Peru: British airways
Belgium: British airways
New Zealand: Air new Zealand.
Note: all expenses has been paid by zeal invest limited company and your flight ticket numbers, date and time of departure has been forwarded to your emails. Also your hotel reservations and room numbers has been forwarded to everyone through email from [email protected] those that could not complete their requested informations for the processing of the visas or outstanding uncleared bills will have to wait for the next batch. thank you for being part of us.