• 12% 1 level
  • 8% 2 level
  • 4% 3 level
3 - level Representative Program

Zeal Ltd Representative system is for the leaders who want to build and strengthen their network and increase the turnover gradually. Representative affiliate rewards are higher than default up to 3 levels.

Representatives are our most touching comrades, who thoroughly know our firm and are prepared to share their own experience of investing. Now we have a huge network of representatives in many countries, and the majority have been slowly added to this section.

How to become a representative

Endure a lift for your Affiliate career by petitioning for the Zeal Ltd Official representative status. Our representatives automatically receive a higher affiliate level. This means that the direct affiliate commission is increased to a 12%-8%-4% passive referral commission is unlocked. Becoming a representative comes with additional abilities towards our company that must be fulfilled at all times.

To enhance a representative you need to have an active deposit and you need 5 direct active users. Send us the mail with details like your full name, username, registered email id, country name, languages, working hours, phone number and telegram username. Consideration of applications for the representative's status takes up to 1 working days. Once your information has been added to this section, your affiliate commission will be increased to 12% - 8% - 4%.

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